Riverdale Golf Club

The signature 8th hole at Riverdale Golf Club in Bangkok, Thailand is one of the more interesting and unique par holes in the country. This par 3 has two greens to choose from – both in play every day. One of the greens is downhill from the tee, and is more-or-less an island green. The other would be slightly uphill from the tee and straight away, also quite long. It is the golfer’s choice as to which green they wish to play, and each of them brings their own challenges which is what makes this hole Riverdale Golf Club’s signature hole!

Riverdale Golf Club

Depending on which green you go for, the tee shots are very different, both in length and challenge. When going for the top green, the hole plays at 182 yards from the black tees, and 152 yard from the white tees. While sounding short, the hole plays longer than the yardage it gives. There is a hint of up-hill to the green, so be sure to club up in order to make it over the gap and onto the green. Front left would be a common bail out area however, there is a troublesome bunker there, thus the only real bail out area would be long left. The further right you go, the longer the tee shot becomes and the more peril one can get into.

If going for the bottom green, it is a short, steep downhill pitch to the green, playing 127 yards from the black tees and just 97 yards from the white tees. The green is surrounded by water, putting a great emphasis on accuracy, as well as accounting for the steep downhill play in your yardage. This looks to be the easier of the two greens to go to, however golfers beware it is not as straight forward as it seems. However, for pure fun at Riverdale Golf Club, this is the most common choice taken.

Riverdale Golf Club

The upper green is narrow when looking at it from the tee. Through the middle of the green there is a crown, thus balls will funnel left or right depending on which side of the crown the tee shot lands on. If you’ve got your ball on the right side of the crown, it should set you up for a good chance a birdie, or at least a two putt. If you’re on the wrong side of the crown however, it leaves a very difficult two putt to get down for par.

If you’ve put your tee shot in the water, there is a drop zone down by the green. It is simple chip up onto the green, and it is not too difficult to get up and down to save a bogey. The bottom green is small with the front left portion slightly raised compared to the rest of the green. There are no super tricky putts on this green, and should be a relatively straight forward two putt to get down for par if you’ve hit the green off the tee, if not less! Riverdale Golf Club has some of the best caddies, and we recommend following their recommendations on the tee and on the green to ensure you get the most out of this hole!

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Riverdale Golf Club

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