Chiang Mai Highlands Golf and Spa Resort is a great 27 hole complex, with many memorable holes. However, to us, one sticks out amongst the others for it’s level of fun and that’s hole 4 on the Highlands Course (B Course). This is a downhill par 4, coming just after a difficult up-hill par 4 which is the most difficult on the course, the 4th hole gives golfers a chance to breathe and enjoy the game again after likely taking a solid beating on the 3rd hole! Playing downhill all the way, this hole provides golfers with two choices – the choice to get out the driver and try to hit it as far down the fairway as possible where, if accurate, leaves a short 2nd shot into the green or play a bit more conservative off the tee to a wider landing area, leaving a longer second shot it. The fairway narrows the further down towards the green you get, and water comes into play on the left if hitting driver, while on the right if wayward, it’s a blind shot over some trees and hills into the green with water behind. What’s the choice off the tee?

Chaing Mai Highlands

The hole plays 429 yards off the back tees, and a manageable 364 yards from the white tees. If playing from the whites, this means 264 yards downhill to get to the front of the water on the left. It might not sound reachable for most of us however, being downhill really means the water comes into play. If confident, get out the big stick and give it a whack, which should leave less than a 100 yard pitch into the green. Ideal line is the bunker on the right of the green, to take out most of the water especially when the flag is in the left third of the green.

If you’re unsure if you can keep the driver straight, a 3 wood or 4 iron will work just fine, knock it down into the wider landing area leaving 125-150 yards left for the 2nd shot. If you stick to the left edge of the fairway however, it is possible the water will come into play for the 2nd shot.

Chiang Mai Highlands Layout

The green on this excellent Chiang Mai Highlands hole is well protected, with water left and back, and bunkers front left and front right. It is slightly crowned and a popular spot to miss is short or right. No matter if you laid up off the tee or went for it, a shot that leaks off to the left will be in all sorts of danger with the large lake off to the left. The most difficult pin position is back right, and we definitely recommend not to get too cute on this hole when the pin is over there, and just aim for the middle of the green. It will slope towards the water on the left so if landing somewhere left-center, the ball should funnel down further towards the hole.

Chiang Mai Highlands

The green is relatively large, and can leave for some long putts. It is important you are somewhere around the flag, to avoid an extremely long putt, or two putt, to get in. The green isn’t overly tricky or difficult, however there are some slopes to navigate and your experienced Chiang Mai Highlands caddie will be able to guide you around these to help you get down in two or less.

All-in-all this is a very enjoyable hole, with some fantastic views and different opportunities to score. Another enjoyable hole in the Thailand golf scene, and one to include when on a Thailand golf holiday in Chiang Mai.

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