Blue Canyon Country Club, Canyon Course

Next up in our Thailand’s Top 18 Holes feature is the spectacular par-3 14th hole at Blue Canyon Country Club, Canyon Course. This hole is a downhill par-3 playing to somewhat of an island green. The target is small, the drop off from tee-to-green is steep, and there’s a sneaky crosswind that you can’t feel from the tee. All of these combined with the beautiful view from the tee, make this hole one of the most spectacular yet challenging holes on the kingdom.

Blue Canyon Country Club, Canyon Course
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The 14th at Blue Canyon Country Club, Canyon Course is a manageable 196 yard from the black tees, 143 yards from the whites and 128 yards from the red. When teeing up your shot, the green seems to be just a tiny target when looking out across the expansive lake. Don’t let that distract you though, and keep focus on the tee shot, which is vital on this hole. We recommend clubbing down one-and-a-half to two clubs to take into account the drop from tee to green. Left and right off this tee shot are no good. There is a large landing area on the back-right portion of the green which is a very popular spot to be, regardless of the pin position.

It is also possible to land on the front portion of the green, and if the pin is towards the back that will give a slightly uphill putt. However, it is more narrow at the front thus, the risk is higher.

When lining up the tee shot, be sure to take into account the crosswind that blows across the lake. This cannot be felt from the tee box, so be sure to have a look at the flagstick as well as some of the trees off to the left of the green by the 15th tee box, to see what the wind is doing.

Assuming you’ve landed on the green, it should be a relatively straight forward two putt from there. The green slopes slightly back-to-front but nothing to cause any panic. If you follow your caddie’s lead, you should be in with a par or less!

However, hitting the green isn’t very straightforward on this hole. If you’ve landed in the water, the drop zone is at the front of the green. If the pin is back-right, it leaves plenty of room to work with. However, back left is another story, and will mean having to content with a bit of water on the chip up onto the green. If the flag is at the front, there is very little room to work with and will require a precise chip to give yourself a chance at a one putt and salvaging a bogey.

When walking off the green, be sure to look back and take the view in. You’ll even find the green is shaped like Thailand from that angle!

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Blue Canyon Country Club, Canyon Course