Blue Canyon Lakes Course

The signature hole 18th hole at Blue Canyon Country Club’s Lakes Course in Phuket, Thailand  was ranked as one of the best par 4s in Asia by Asian Golf Monthly in 2003 which is no surprise as it’s a visually stunning par 4 that can ruin any decent score. It always seems to play longer than the 410 yard Blue tee measurement due to the raised green, and the key to the hole is to get the tee shot in the right place to give you a chance of hitting the green with the second shot. Continue below to read through why it’s one of the best holes, and watch AJ play the hole in the videos posted.

The tee shot has two options – one to the right of the big tree in the middle of the fairway, and one to the left of the tree. If you dare take the very narrow left option it gives you a better chance of hitting the green as the left part of fairway is elevated making the second shot easier. However, if you hit it too long you will end up in the canyon and if you are very far offline to the left, you will be in the forest and will need to reload from the tee! With that in mind, most golfers take the option to the right-hand side of the tree as it’s a wider fairway with no real trouble to get into. This option does however, leave the possibility of getting a downhill lie making the second shot to a raised green very difficult.

If you have been brave and accurate while going left with your tee shot, you’re in position 1A. This leaves about 160 yards downhill to the green, with a perfect view of the entire putting surface, which puts you in a great position to hit it close and give yourself a chance for a birdie. Having taken the difficult option from the tee, it is now relatively home-free from there-on-in.

If you have taken the safer option off the tee and gone to the right, the fun only just begins!  Having taken the easier option from the tee, the hole now becomes much more trick, leaving a 2nd shot of around 170-190 yards, uphill, over the canyon, to a shallow green where the hole can’t be seen. Sounds fun, right? Any second shot from the right-hand option that lands on the green can be considered a fantastic shot.

Golfers beware however, any kind of miss hit from either side of the fairway will end up in the canyon short of the green. This is a great risk/reward Blue Canyon hole that the course is known for!

Having safely navigated your first two shots, the next task is to get down in 2 putts. The green is not too severe, slightly sloping back-to-front, right-to-left. For those coming from the right side of the fairway, the bailout area would be off to the right, leaving a downhill chip onto the green. No real danger of a 3 putt on this Blue Canyon green, and a four feels like a birdie, with most golfers being happy with a five and getting out of there with the same ball they started with back on the tee!


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